Seikan Arrives

Hello Friends,

thanks for your patience re: MBZC’s summer schedule, which is as follows:

July 1, Seichu begins
July 5-11, MBZC Dai-Sesshin
July 19-25, Rinzai Ji Dai-Sesshin
August 2-8, MBZC Dai-Sesshin
August 15-21, Mt. Cobb Dai-Sesshin
August 30-September 5, MBZC Dai-Sesshin

MBZC has finished its winter Seichu training period, and Roshi is now leading a Dai-Sesshin in Puerto Rico. It was a winter fraught with snowy weather here at MBZC, necessitating several emergency measures, such as shoveling snow off the roofs for fear of collapse, and hiring Evan Chapman, a local with a large snowplow, to clear the driveway (twice!). The weather seems to be getting balmier, though Roshi assured me before he left that it will at least snow again in May (as it did last year) if not sooner.

We were fortunate to be joined by several students and a nun this winter during non-Dai-Sesshin periods, including Oren, Susan Linnell, Gabriel Lucero, and David Seaman. They helped round out our healthy fulltime Seichu staff/student participants: Soken, Gento, Jim Detweiler, Deva Graf, Kumiko Yasukawa, Kazumi Tanaka, Goran Nillson, and Bindu Dan Dexter. Gary Galsworth attended several Dai-Sesshins this winter, and made some serious headway on several plumbing projects; he fixed many of the plumbing problems we knew we had, and many more we didn’t even know were there. He’s saved the Zen Center countless thousands of dollars over the years.

MBZC’s Seikan scholarship students are Gento, Jim Detweiler, Kumiko Yasukawa and Bindu Dan Dexter. Both Jim and Kumiko are on their family visits, with Kumiko in Tokyo and Jim in Philadelphia. Goran Nillson has returned to Europe and his wife and son after putting in a solid eight month stint at MBZC as a scholarship student and winter Shoji. We already miss his work ethic, sense of humor and Swedish smile. As for Seikan officer positions, Bindu is in the kitchen learning the ropes as Nakaten or Tenzo-in-training, with Jim filling in as Shoji, Kumiko continuing her duties as Inji, and I am Shika. We have several projects around camp that we will focus on this Seikan, as well as some of our regular workshops (Aikido Ai, Ken McLeod, Marvin Treiger etc.), a Zazenkai and a sangha appreciation pot-luck dinner.

We hope to be receiving your $200 deposits soon for summer Seichu Dai-Sesshins.


Gento, Shika

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