Update, August 17, 2009

Mt Baldy Zen Center Newsletter
Monday, August 10
Hello Friends,

For starters, a quick correction: the final Dai-Sesshin of the MBZC Seichu will run from August 30th through September 5th, not the 6th, as stated incorrectly in a previous email. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Secondly, MBZC had as part of its August schedule a Dai-Sesshin at Mt. Cobb. This retreat has now been moved to October. Please contact Mt. Cobb for further details (707) 928-5667.

MBZC has just finished its third retreat of the Summer Seichu season. The 32 officers and participants for that retreat were:


Alice Chan Cheryl Keating
Douglas Brodley Tracy Keating
Douglas Doerr August Kryger
Dana Dunlap Elaine Mackle
Bill Flynn Patrick Mair
Wen Hsin Monica McTighe
Jennifer Jones Michael Moscoso
Paul Karsten Dylan Raithel
Nate Reynolds
Sally Stein


Jikijitsu Daijo
Joko Soiku
Tanto Jokei Gido
Jiki Jokei Oscar Moreno
Shoji Dokuro
Shoshoji Jim Detweiler


Shika Gento
Inji Kumiko Yasukawa
Densu Sokai
Shoden Shuko
Shoden Myosen
Tenzo Gyodo
Nakaten Bindu Dexter
Translator Kazumi Tanaka

Myoyu arrived on day six to help out with Roshi, and left this morning. Along with ongoing bags of groceries for Roshi, she recently generously donated a very fine, brand new Canon G3 photocopier to MBZC, which has gone a long way towards making the Sisyphean task of office paperwork a little easier. Meanwhile, Gyodo donated a blender and juicer to the kitchen, along with several food items. We seem to be on a roll, then, so if anyone finds his- or herself thinking: What do I want to do with that new high powered snow-blower gathering dust in the garage…? Seriously, MBZC is the recipient of a steady flow of donated items large and small, which, along with being practically useful, vitalize and inspire the center, and continuously connect us to the sangha at large. We deeply appreciate every one of your gifts.

Our numbers are high on camp right now! For the rest of Seichu we plan to have Soiku, Gento, Daijo, Myosen, Oren (arriving today) Jim Detweiler, Kumiko Yasukawa, Bindu Dexter, Michael Moscoso, and Elaine Mackle. For those of us slow in math, that puts MBZC at eleven full-timers, with several participants coming and going over the next few weeks. This means that we will have momentum to get several projects going, including robe mending, stonework around the paths/driveway, cabin maintenance, and the occasional rattlesnake-caching-and-releasing (we’re at three or four now, for the summer). Meanwhile, in other good news, Kumiko has tendered her resignation at her job in Canada, and has decided to stay and practice at MBZC indefinitely.

We’re halfway through our summer Seichu, and no doubt everyone would like to know about Roshi’s health. This is a difficult topic to comment on, as it’s always hard to gauge exactly how he’s doing, and what standards we should even apply when talking about a 102 year old man who works as hard as he does. He missed two sanzens due to tiredness this past Dai-Sesshin, but was generally genki (strong), and mentioned to the Inji that the newer students were good, and helped keep him lively and active. Ultimately, the best way to find out how Roshi is doing is to come and see for yourself, if you can. Again, we have our final Seichu retreat from August 30th-September 5th. MBZC will then be hosting a special Dai-Sesshin for Roshi’s European students from October 4th-10th. European practitioners will be given priority for this retreat, but everyone is welcome depending on space.

We hope to see you soon.


Gento, Shika

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