Fall events in 2017

Upcoming Events

September Mt. Baldy Retreat

A 7 day retreat with Sasaki Roshi Teishos
Hashinkyuji: Saturday, September 16 | Banka 4pm
Retreat September 17-23
Fee $350


Rohatsu O-Sesshin

Led by Noritake Shunan Roshi
Hashinkyuji: Thursday, November 16 | Banka 4pm
Sesshin: November 17 – 21
Fee: $450?

Jodo-e Ceremony

Buddha’s Enlightenment Day
Wednesday, November 22 | 6:00 a.m.


West Coast Sangha Gathering
With Noritake Shunan Roshi
Saturday, November 18
This event will happen as part of the Rohatsu O-sesshin

Please see the Calendar page for further information

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