Holiday Fundraising Drive

Dear Friends,

Mt. Baldy Zen Center remains a special place of rigorous practice, deep silence, and stillness in an increasingly noisy and discordant world. Mt. Baldy has served this purpose for 46 years.

Our founder, Kyozan Joshu Sasaki Roshi, recognized the quality of the land and created a unique training center in America where his teachings could take root, deepen, and mature. Practitioners and visitors continue to come to Mt. Baldy to attend our Beginner’s Days, Zazenkai’s, Sesshins with Noritake Roshi, Sasaki Roshi Teisho retreats, and our many diverse workshops.

At the same time, Mt. Baldy is looking towards the future seeking ways to develop its community of practitioners both locally and globally and to create even more opportunities for study and practice.

We need your help to continue that work. Whether it was forty years ago or four days ago that you sat in the Zendo, walked along the Kinhin path under the pines trees, or sat drinking tea with friends in the dining hall, please consider helping.

Please consider supporting Mt. Baldy Zen Center by contributing to its financial health.

Your support can be realized through attending a retreat or volunteering time and work. It can also be realized by making a one-time or recurring donation. Please know donations are vital to keeping Mt. Baldy Zen Center open. No gift is too small or too large.

We welcome your participation in the future of Mt. Baldy Zen Center and to the greater effort of cultivating Rinzai Zen in the West. Please offer your support for the Zen center and to the development of the precious practice of Zen that was offered to us all. Help Mt. Baldy Zen Center be a home for that calling.


Sohan Noah Youngelson, Dokan Charles Martin, Shindo Shahreyar Ataie, Scott Page
(Board of Directors of Mt. Baldy Zen Center)

Mt. Baldy Zen Center is a 501c non-profit organization, your contributions are tax-deductible. Please make checks payable to: Mt.Baldy Zen center, PO Box 429, Mt.Baldy, CA 91759 or donate online:

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