Upcoming Events

September Mt. Baldy Retreat

A 7 day retreat with Sasaki Roshi Teishos
Hashinkyuji: Saturday, September 16 | Banka 4pm
Retreat September 17-23
Fee $350


Rohatsu O-Sesshin

Led by Noritake Shunan Roshi
Hashinkyuji: Thursday, November 16 | Banka 4pm
Sesshin: November 17 – 21
Fee: $450?

Jodo-e Ceremony

Buddha’s Enlightenment Day
Wednesday, November 22 | 6:00 a.m.


West Coast Sangha Gathering
With Noritake Shunan Roshi
Saturday, November 18
The sangha meeting will happen during one day of the Rohatsu O-sesshin. An exact schedule will be posted at a later date, but the current plans include teisho, introductory ceremony, lunch, a 2 hour Q&A with Noritake Roshi and an hour remembrance of Sasaki Roshi.



Introduction to Zen at MBZC:
Discussion about Zen as taught at MBZC, camp tour, lunch and meditation instruction.

Beginner’s Days:
Detailed meditation instruction, meditation, lunch and dharma talk.

1 to 3 days of Zen practice.  Sitting and walking meditation, lunch and a dharma talk.

A 5 to 7 day Zen intensive. Currently these are led by Sh?nan Noritake R?shi