January 2015:
At Rinzai-ji
January  4,  Hashinkyuji  (arrival day)
January  5 – 9,  Rinzai-ki sesshin
January  10,  Rinzai-ki ceremony


Myokyo, Osho, from Enpuku-ji Zen Center in Montreal will help lead our events in January. You can learn more about Myokyo here.

January 12 – 16,  General sesshin at MBZC
Theme: “Compassion as expressed in the officer positions”,  led by Myokyo Osho
In this general sesshin we’ll explore how each of the zendo officers (jikijitsu, shoji, densu, etc.) express compassion as they manifest their roles in the zendo.

January 17,   Hashinkyuji (arrival day)
January 18 – 24 Sesshin

January 25,   Beginner’s day
The beginner’s day will focus on detailed instruction of zazen (seated meditation) and zendo etiquette , lunch and several hours of meditation in the afternoon.


February 2015:
Our February 5 – 6, 2 Day Zazenkai and February 8 – 14,  Sesshin have been cancelled.

At Rinzai-ji
February 22,  Zazenkai,  9am – 4pm.

March 2014:
March 14,  Hashinkyuji (arrival day)
March 15 – 21,  Sesshin


Introduction to Zen at MBZC:
Discussion about Zen as taught at MBZC, camp tour, lunch and meditation instruction.

Beginner’s Days:
Detailed meditation instruction, meditation, lunch and dharma talk.

A day of Zen practice.  Sitting and walking meditation, lunch and a dharma talk.

A  7 day Zen intensive.