Events in 2017

Beginner’s day
–January 21 10am to 3pm
An introduction to Zen as practiced at Mt. Baldy Zen Center, meditation instruction and several periods of meditation.  Includes a vegetarian lunch.  $30

Nirvana O-Sesshin with Shunan Noritaki Roshi
— February 15 – 20, 21
Hashinkyuji (arrival day), February 15
Sesshin February, 16 –  20
Nirvana Ceremony, February 21

“Basic Training” and  one day Zazenkai 
— March 11 – 12
An evening of detailed instruction on Zen meditation, zendo etiquette, chanting and ritual meal practice  followed by a day of practice (zazenkai) to put it all to use.  This is a great opportunity to see how all the aspects of formal practice reinforce each other to create an environment that promotes greater clarity.  $70
Saturday, March 11:   Instruction for Beginners and dinner,  4:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Sunday, March 12:     Zazenkai,  5:30 am to 3:30 pm

Beginner’s day and Baldy Hike
— March 25 & 26
Two events, one weekend.  Saturday we’ll do our Beginner’s day program from 10am to 3pm.  Saturday evening those that want to hike can show up for dinner and stay Saturday night at the Zen center so we can all get an early start on a hike Sunday morning.  The destination of the hike will depend on the weather and how much snow is in the area.  $30 for each part.
Saturday March 25:  Beginner’s day,  10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Hiker’s dinner, 6:30 pm
Sunday March 26:     Hike,  5:30 am to ??  (tentative)

Easter weekend 3 day Zazenkai
— April 14 – 16
This three day Zen retreat is an excellent chance for everyone to polish their practice.  For beginners, it’s a chance to do extended periods of sitting meditation and to add the formal, ritualized aspects of Zen practice.  For the seasoned veteran it’s a chance to get in some solid practice.  Part time participation is OK.   $150.00 for all three days.

3 day Zazenkai
— June 30 – July 2
As above.  $150 for all three days.

Ho-on O-Sesshin with Shunan Noritake Roshi
— July 24 – 30
Hashinkyuji: Monday, July 24
Sesshin: July 25 – 29
Ceremony at Rinzai-ji: Sunday, July 30