During the formal training periods, i.e. summer and winter seichu, two daily chanting services take place in the sutra hall. There is also chanting before and after the daily teisho (the Zen Master’s lecture), which takes place during sesshin and some other days in the formal training periods. In the zendo there is a brief sitting chant as well as a special walking-chanting meditation during sesshins. The chants that we practice are from the following traditional Buddhist texts:

Lotus Sutra – Myohorengekyo
Heart Sutra – Maka Hannya Haramita Shingyo
Dharani of Removing Disaster – Sho Sai Shu
Dharani of the Great Compassionate One – Dai Hi En No Bukai Jin Shu
Dai Segaki
Admonition of Kozen Daito Kokushi – Kozen Daito Kokushi Yui Kai
Four Great Vows – Shigu Seigan Mon
The entire chant book is available here in PDF form. We also sell a Daily Sutras CD, featuring a full chanting service recorded at Mt. Baldy Zen Center. It is available at the Centre for $15, or $20 shipped. To have the CD shipped, you can either send a check for $20 to the office, or pay by secure Pal Pal below:

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