Monday  January 15  2024

  • Drains around the Sutra Hall were installed and tested. This area should not flood again as it did last Spring.
  • Carpets in the Sutra Hall were professionally cleaned by a commercial rug company and pulled back in place before final drying.
  • The roof of the shower house, badly in need of repair, was replaced by a professional roofing company. This expensive repair should now last at least two decades.
  • Following the shower house, the roof on the “tunnel” connecting the Inji cabin and the Roshi cabin was replaced.
  • Plans are being made to replace the defunct freezer in the kitchen and replace it with a new “top-loader” style.
  • In February of 2024 Mount Baldy is pleased to announce that a sesshin will be held with Minakawa Roshi, visiting from Japan. Please see Schedule of Events.
  • Teisho Saturdays continue on alternate weeks unless an alternate activity such as a ceremony, zazenkai or sesshin takes precedence.
  • Our website is in continual editing to further serve the Zen community. Stay Tuned!