Rentals At the Center


The Zen center offers its facilities to accommodate other’s group retreats, seminars and meetings. Only fifty miles from Los Angeles, we provide food and lodging  high in the San Gabriel mountains in a unique and quiet atmosphere.

We offer three large meeting rooms, basic accommodation for 40 people, including linen service and essential services, and home cooked vegetarian or non vegetarian food.

Below you will find details on our meeting rooms, accommodations, shower and washroom facilities, rates and availability:


Zendo – Meditation Hall

768 square feet  – 44″9″ by 17’2 linoleum floor – carpet is possible


Second Zendo – Meditation Hall

358 square feet – 27’2″ by 13’2″ – carpeted


Sutra Hall – Recitation Hall

751 square feet – 35’6″ by 21’2″ – carpeted


Dining Hall

748 square feet – 17′ x 44′


           3 cabins   (4 bunk beds)


1 cabin      (Owl’s nest , 2 single beds)


1 cabin.     (Library, 3 single beds)


 6 cabins (2 single beds)

Gatekeeper’s Cabin (One bed)



GUEST CABIN. (Self Contained)


Showerhouse and Yoga Room

Women’s and men’s sides with separate entrances
3 showers in stalls on each side


Upper Toilet Building
Women’s side: 3 toilets and 3 sinks
Men’s side: 2 toilets, 2 sinks, 2 urinals

Upper Washroom
Sinks and mirrors (unisex – not private)
Washer and dryer
Lower Washroom
Women/Men separated
Sinks and mirrors
Lower toilets
Two modern outdoor toilets


Rates depend on specifics of request, space usage and catering requirements.

$85 per person per night. (15 Person Minimum)

Guest Cabin:
$100 per night, no meals provided.

1 Day:
$25 to participate in schedule, samu, seikan study

1 Week:
$150 to participate in schedule, samu, seikan study


To check on availability contact our office,

or call 909-985-6410