Dōkan Charles Martin

Dōkan serves as the Director of Mt. Baldy Zen Center.

Dōkan came to Mt. Baldy Zen Center on a lark in 1985 looking for an adventure.  Instead, he found the most interesting, vital world imaginable.  His circuitous Zen career has included both lay and ordained practice as well as trying to balance intense practice with a career.  Eventually, the career lost.  Dōkan has lived at MBZC full time since 2011.


Sohan Noah Youngelson

Sohan began his study of Zen practice while attending college in Boulder, CO, where he studied and lived at the University Zen Center. Then wishing to further his Zen practice, he moved to Mt. Baldy Zen Center where he trained with Joshu Sasaki Roshi, was ordained, and immersed himself in daily Rinzai Zen practice. After his training at Mt. Baldy, Sohan helped run Rinzai-ji Zen Center in Los Angeles.

Sohan currently lives in Venice, CA where he leads a sitting group and helps with retreats at Mt. Baldy.  Sohan is dedicated to bringing Zen practice to a new generation of students and nurturing the seeds of Zen practice in the West.